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Hey guys, alot of you liked my previous script very much, I shared with people down at the Wiki, and also alot of people wanted Owen and Cody to be in it, so, here it is! Episode 2!


*Scene takes place in Forest with Chris standing in front of both RV's*

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Heroes vs Villains, Jo and Brick gave each other bad attitude, while Heather and Beth formed an alliance to take down Tyler in the first challenge of THE SEASON! Stick around for TOTAL...DRAMA.... HEROES VS VILLAINS!


(INTRO PLAYS) - Song: I wanna be Famous!

*Camera zooms in to old abandoned airport runway*
*Camera then zooms out, then zooms into jungle*
*Eva is seen racing Tyler, Tyler then trips over a rock, leaving him in the dust*
*Eva continues to run, she runs on an log (THE ONE IN THE TDI AND TDRI INTRO), Eva is shocked when she sees Jo at the finish line with Brick laughing*
*Camera zooms to the top of the waterfall, Ezekiel and Dawn are in a boat together but fall down the waterfall with a scared look on their face*
*Camera then zooms out, then zooms into a town, Noah and Staci are seen sitting on a bench, Noah looks very annoyed, camera then moves across to Duncan and Gwen making out on the other bench, Duncan then covers the camera with his hand*
*Camera zooms out, Camera zooms into the desert, Ann Maria is seen standing by Sierra spraying her hair, Sierra is digging very quickly, then she finds Cody, Cody has a happy look on his face, then he hugs Sierra*
*Camera zooms out, Camera zooms into another town, Camera zooms into theater, Mike is seen on stage, he is seen changing through all his personality's very quickly, camera then pans to Zoey who is in the audience seats clapping happily*
*Camera zooms out of the Theater and right next to it is a hotdog cart, Heather is seen shouting out some words, quickly afterwards Owen pops out of the cart with a happy look on his face, Heather on the other hand has a disgusted look on her face*
*Camera then turns around to Sam on the street playing on his console, Izzy then is charging at him, Izzy trips on Sam, and they are both lying on each other, Camera zooms in on Sam's console which does down a man hole and into the sewer, Katie, Sadie, Justin and Courtney quickly poke their heads up out of the man hole, but then quickly poke their heads back in*
*Camera goes back to the shot of the road, a limo drives on screen with Lindsay and Beth in it, all the other contestants walk on screen and stand next to the limo*
*The camera then zooms up into the sky, then the Total Drama Heroes vs Villains logo is seen on screen*




*Scene takes place in forest with Chris standing in front of the RV*

*Chris is seen with a mega phone*

*Chris holds megaphone closely up to mouth*


*All contestants are seen walking out of their RV's in their pajamas*

Jo: How did we get here? I thought we were in a desert or something?!

Chris: Me and Chef drove you here last night, anyways, get dressed, your second challenge begins in ONE HOUR! So get MOVING!

*Contestants are seen quickly rushing in back into their RV's*

*Scene switches to Chris standing in front of an entry to a forest with the other contestants*

Chris: Okay, before we start I want to show you something, in my very hands I hold the Golden Marshmallow, one of these marshmallows will be hidden at every stop, but believe me, me and Chef hid them VERY good.

*Chris and Chef wink at each other*

Staci: Yah, my great great great Aunt invented marshmallows, before then people had to find something else to roast over the fire place

*Everyone sighs because of Staci's talking*

Chris.... and with this marshmallow ANY contestant can re-join the game!

*Contestants cheer*

*Tyler walks on*

Tyler: Hey guys, whats up?

*Chris looks annoyed*

Chris: TYYYLLLERRR!? What are you doing here?

Tyler: Well....

*Tyler has a flash back, in the flash back Tyler is seen getting shot out of the Cannon of Losers and seen driving into the sand, in resulting he finds the Golden Marshmallow*

Tyler: *Tyler speaks while the flash back it occurring* Well, when I got shot out of the cannon I dived into a bunch of sand, and then I found this thing

*Camera zooms in on Tyler's hand, on screen you can see him holding it up*

Chris: *sigh* I guess you're back in the game then...

Tyler: ALL RIGHT!!!

*Lindsay comes rushing towards to Tyler, and then hugs him*

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, Tyler! You're back!

Chris: Also, feel free to you use the confessional, there is one in each R.V

Ann Maria: Let me guess, it's the long drop isn't it?!

Chris: *sniff* You know we so well

*Ann Maria rolls her eyes*

Chris: Ok! In this forest you will find wooden cravings of every contestant who is not competing this season, you have thirty minutes to find them, each team MUST find two wooden cravings each, after that meet me back here! READY? STEADY!? GO!!

*Both teams rush into the Forest*

Eva: Hey guys! I found B, Scottm DJ and Courtney! Which ones should we pick?

Heather: None of them!

*Smacks all wooden craving into river*


*Gwen walks behind Duncan*

Gwen: You still love that back stabbing C.I.T DON'T YOU!?

Duncan: Umm....

*STATIC NOISE* - Confessional

Duncan: I gotta admit I kinda miss Courtney, she was a person I always I counted on, and I miss her..... YOU BETTER NOT TELL GWEN!


*Scene still takes place in the forest, most of the villain team are seen looking through bushes, trees etc...*

Sierra: OH MY GOSH!

*Sierra sticks her hand into a bush*


*Sierra hugs wooden craving*

Noah: Please, get over yourself...

*Sierra throws rock at Noah's head*

*Scene takes place with the heroes team look throw the forest*

Sam: Hey! I found Harold, Sadie and LeShawna!

*Sam walks over to the rest of the heroes team whom is searching*

*Gwen comes rushing over*


*Gwen hugs wooden craving*

*Scene switches to Zoey and Mike searching around*

*Mike changes into Chester*


*Mike walks away, camera zooms into Zoey, she has a happy look on her face*

*STATIC NOISE* - Confessional  

Zoey: He he.... Mike can be so funny sometimes, one night I saw him sleep walking over to retirement home, and he woke up the next morning asking where he was, crazy huh?

*Scene switches to Duncan in the forest grounds with no one near him*

*Duncan spots Trent's wooden craving*

*Duncan whistles, while he lightly kicks the craving into the bushes*

*Heather walks on*

Heather: Hey! I see what you did there!

Duncan: I don't know what your talking about...

Heather: I see that you want goth girl and mr talented to be re-united!

Duncan: Okay!? So what!

Heather: You and me should form an alliance!

Duncan: No way! I tried that before remember? Didn't turn out so well

Heather: If you join I will help you find Courtney's craving

Duncan: *sigh* Fine....

*STATIC* - Confessional

Duncan: Yeaahhh I am not so sure if I can trust Heather, I'm just joining because of Courtney, I love you babe!

*Gwen punches her hand threw Confessional Door*

*Gwen attempts to strangle Duncan*



*Scene changes to Dawn standing beside a tree communicating to a bird*

Dawn: Where is it?

*Bird tweets*

*Dawn sticks her hand into bush and grabs out B's craving*

Dawn: Thanks so much!

*Gwen walks on*

*Gwen snatches the B's craving from Dawn and shreds it into small pieces*

Dawn: Hey! That wasn't very nice!

Gwen: Sorry Dawn, Duncan is being a two-timing jerk!

Dawn: Ooh! I sense that your relationship is very sour, may I ask what happened?

Gwen: Well.....

*Scene switches to Gwen finishing telling Dawn about her and Duncans relationship*

Dawn: Come with me, I know this very good herbal tea recipe that helps calm your aura

Gwen: That sounds fun!

*Dawn and Gwen are seen walking off*

*Camera zooms into loud speaker*


*Scene changes to both teams standing in front of Chris*

Chris: Ok, awesome work! Villains who did you get?

Ezekiel: We got Owen and Dakota, eh!

Chris: Very good, how about you Heroes?

Izzy: Cody and Alejandro! Ooh! I have you ever noticed this lump before? It's so lumpy! People will be calling me Lumo-o-saurus!

Chris: Okay! Villains! Chose a contestant that the Heroes picked out!


Chris: Cody it is then...


Chris: Okay, now Heroes, chose a contestant that Villains picked out...

Beth: Owen!

Dawn: Owen!

Izzy: Owen!

Gwen: Owen!

Lindsay: Omar!

Brick: Owen!

Zoey: Owen!

Mike: Owen!

Sam: Dakota!

Chris: Tough luck champ!

Sam: Aww....

Chris: Looks like Owen and Cody are joining the game!

*Owen and Cody walk in*

Owen: Hi Everyone!

Everyone (Except Cody): Hi Owen!!!

*Owen farts*

Everyone (Including Cody): OWWWEEENNNN!!!!

Owen: Heh heh..... sorry!

Chris: Now, Cody your on the Heroes!

Cody: YES!

Chris: ... and Owen your on the villains!

Owen: Heh heh... ALL RIGHT!

Chris: Now, Owen and Cody, the second part of the challenge is to climb up this very tall tree get your team flag and met me and the finish line! GO!

*Both teams cheer*

*Cody climbs tree with ease, while Owen is having a hard time trying to get started*

Noah: Come on big boy, you can do it!

Owen: Oh my gosh! Noah is that you!?

*Owen runs towards Noah at a very fast pace*

Noah: Oh no!

*Noah has a disgusted and nervous look on his face*

*Owen then lands on Noah*

*Noah tries to speaks but mumbles out unknown words*

*Cody is seen grabbing his team flag at the top of the tree, and then he slides down it*

Cody: OW! Ow ow ow!

Chris: A victory for the Heroes!

*Heroes team cheers*

Chris: Villains, you're voting someone out!

*Scene changes to Chris with the Villains team in the Boy's RV*

Chris: When I call your name that means you are safe for another week. Sierra, Ezekiel, Eva, Heather, Noah, Jo, Ann Maria, Staci...

*Owen and Duncan both have a nervous look on their faces*

*Dramatic music plays*

Chris: Owen......


Chris: Yes I am my man, yes I am

*Duncan sighs*

*Scene switches to Duncan in the Cannon of Losers*

Chris: Any last words before I shoot you hundreds of miles away?

Duncan: Yes.... Gwen I'm sorry, I didn't think about what I saying back then.... I hope you can forgive me

*Gwen has a happy look on her face, and starts to shed a tear*

Gwen: Oh Duncan!

*Gwen rushes over to Cannon*

*Gwen accidentally pushes the eject button, which causes the cannon to fire*


*Chris is seen offering Chef a tissue while they both cry together*

Chris: *sniff* Anyways, see you next time, on Total Drama Heroes vs Villains!


Tell me what you think by commenting below.
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Sonic2125 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey i just finished episode 1 of my Total drama script and posting it on this site very soon if your intrested
Perapin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist
Sure! I would love to read it :) 
Sonic2125 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's in my gallery if you want to check it out
Jack314592 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like this, but I don't think Owen was portrayed that realistically. I don't think he would throw a challenge just to see Noah. Otherwise, I loved it. Glad you brought Owen into it BTW
totaldramaheatherfan Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
why did you vote of Duncan? he's so awesome (until he dates Gwen,he should date Heather) BTW i LOVE your scripts, their so awesome :)
Perapin Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist
He didn't fit into the story line, also, he got a lot a screen time ^^; Thanks for your positive feedback! It means a lot to me.
totaldramaheatherfan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem, when are you gonna make more? i love reading your scripts, there just sooooooooooo awesome :)
CourtneyYamanaka Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Perapin Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist
I've already done Episode 3, here it is: [link]
CourtneyYamanaka Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
ty :D
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