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Sorry I haven't made any of these in a while, but I feel motivated to do one today! :) Enjoy!


Chris: Last time on Total Drama Heroes vs Villains, the contestants were given an opportunity to get some of the non-competing contestants back into the game, Duncan also admitted that he still had some feelings left for Miss C.I.T, which Gwen wasn't too happy about, but in the end Duncan got the boot, but Gwen then forgave Duncan and they re-united, how sweet. Who will win? Who will fall? All this and more on Total Drama..... HEROES VS VILLAINS!


(INTRO PLAYS) - Song: I wanna be Famous!

*Camera zooms in to old abandoned airport runway*
*Camera then zooms out, then zooms into jungle*
*Eva is seen racing Tyler, Tyler then trips over a rock, leaving him in the dust*
*Eva continues to run, she runs on an log (THE ONE IN THE TDI AND TDRI INTRO), Eva is shocked when she sees Jo at the finish line with Brick laughing*
*Camera zooms to the top of the waterfall, Ezekiel and Dawn are in a boat together but fall down the waterfall with a scared look on their face*
*Camera then zooms out, then zooms into a town, Noah and Staci are seen sitting on a bench, Noah looks very annoyed, camera then moves across to Duncan and Gwen making out on the other bench, Duncan then covers the camera with his hand*
*Camera zooms out, Camera zooms into the desert, Ann Maria is seen standing by Sierra spraying her hair, Sierra is digging very quickly, then she finds Cody, Cody has a happy look on his face, then he hugs Sierra*
*Camera zooms out, Camera zooms into another town, Camera zooms into theater, Mike is seen on stage, he is seen changing through all his personality's very quickly, camera then pans to Zoey who is in the audience seats clapping happily*
*Camera zooms out of the Theater and right next to it is a hotdog cart, Heather is seen shouting out some words, quickly afterwards Owen pops out of the cart with a happy look on his face, Heather on the other hand has a disgusted look on her face*
*Camera then turns around to Sam on the street playing on his console, Izzy then is charging at him, Izzy trips on Sam, and they are both lying on each other, Camera zooms in on Sam's console which does down a man hole and into the sewer, Katie, Sadie, Justin and Courtney quickly poke their heads up out of the man hole, but then quickly poke their heads back in*
*Camera goes back to the shot of the road, a limo drives on screen with Lindsay and Beth in it, all the other contestants walk on screen and stand next to the limo*
*The camera then zooms up into the sky, then the Total Drama Heroes vs Villains logo is seen on screen*




*Heather and Beth are seen sitting on one of the bunks in the girls RV*

Heather: *yawn* Great, my plan didn't turn out to well on getting Mr Jock out

Beth: I know, what should we do?

*Heather thinking*

Heather: Hmmmm, didn't Chris say that there are those marshmallows at every location we stop at?

Beth: Yes? Why?

Heather: I need you to find them for me, so I..... I mean we can stay safe at elimination

Beth: Okay, but what has this got to do with getting rid of Tyler?

*Jo walks in*

Jo: Hold on just a minute, I heard your conversation a few days back, and if you don't want me to spill the beans I want in!

Heather: No thanks man lady we already have enough members! What do you think Beth?!

*Beth has a nervous look on her face*

Beth: Ummm, hey.... what's one more?

Heather: BETH!

Jo: Then it's settled, we ALL help each other find these golden immunity idols and we can declare a spot in the final 3! And when I win the million I can rub it in Lightnings face!

*Scene changes to boys RV*

*The male contestants are seen sleeping, Chef is seen with a trumpet*

*Chef blows into the trumpet*

*Male contestants wake up, some of them all out of their beds*

Noah: Arrghh! Chef! Is that really necessary?!

Chef: It is if you want to win million bucks. Come outside breakfast is waiting
*Scene switches to teams both sitting down are eating breakfast which Chef has made*

*Chris walks on*

Chris: Good morning contestants, sleep well?

Brick: Yes, I had this weird dream that Dawn was goin-

*Dawn looks shocked*

Chris: Nevermind that, todays challenge is very special, we are going to a science convention!

*All contestants moan except Sam*

Sam: Woo hoo! Yeah! I hope they have the new Cube Block X-7000 on display that would be awesome!

Chris: No, we are going to be inventing some wicked gadgets!

*All contestants moan again*


Sierra: I don't really care, as long as I get to be with my cody-kins!

*Sierra hugs Cody tightly*

Chris: Well, what are you waiting for? LETS MOVE IT!

*All contestants are seen running into their RV's*

*Scene changes to large building which has a banner hanging on it saying "Science Expo"

*Contestants are seen in a large empty room*

*Chris opens the door, all contestants look, Chris then slams the door really hard*


Dawn: What's wrong Chris?

Chris: *sigh* I only have this placed booked for the hour!

Noah: How tragic!

Chris: But I good have some good news, meet former competitor, BLAINELEY!  

*All contestants gasp as Blaineley bursts threw the door and is walking while applying some lipstick*
Blaineley: HEY! You said I was going to be at the Make-up Convention!

Chris: Haha, that's across the street! Anyways, Blaineley will be judging the inventions you make along with me and Chef

*Chef walks on with a creepy grin*

Ann Maria: Where will be getting the parts to make our gizmo gadget things?

Chris: Glad you asked, the Science Expo was kind enough to give us some random junk, feel free to use as much as you want!

Blaineley: Really?! That's lame!

*Chris ignores Blaineley*

Chris: GO!

*All contestants are seen rushing to the piles of junk grabbing as much as they can*

*Scene changes to contestants who are half-way completing their inventions, Zoey is seen standing there clueless*

Zoey: *sigh* I wish Cameron was here, he'd know what to do

*Mike walks on*

Mike: Don't worry Zoey, you can have my invention, I'll just make another one!

Zoey: Awww really Mike? That's so sweet!

Mike: Heh heh, no problem!

*Mike and Zoey hug eachother*

*Eva walks on*

Eva: Ick! Couples make me suck!

*Izzy walks on*

Izzy: Don't be sad Eva, you'll find love one day!

Eva: Yeah, no thanks!

*Noah walks on*

Noah: Someone doesn't read their romance novels

Eva: Quit it, OKAY!?

Izzy: Woah, woah calm down! What happened to Team E-scope?

Eva: *sigh* Those were days....

Izzy: I think we should team back up again! Together we shall rule the world BOOM BOOM!

*Gwen walks on holding some random contraption*

Gwen: Please don't tell me you're bringing up Explosivo again

Izzy: Oh but I am! because when Explosivo comes into play I become UNSTOPPABLE!

*Izzy leaps in Owens arms*

Eva: So is it a yes on the E-scope thing?


Noah: I think that means yes

*Scene changes to Brick and Jo working hard on their inventions*

Brick: So, um, what did you do in-between seasons?

Jo: Oh, um, I got my nails done, did my hair, and I even did a little bit of shopping!

Brick: You're joking right?

Jo: What do you think knuckle head? Anyways, I think me and Eva should team up, I mean come on, we are the both strongest players

Brick: Hey! What about me?

Jo: Nah, you're too weak! You'll just get in our way!

Brick: Oh yeah!??

Jo: YEAH!!

*Brick and Jo work even harder on their inventions at double speed*

*Scene changes to Mike looking through the junk pile trying to start on his own invention*

Mike: Urrggghhh! All this is useless! I wonder if if one of my personalities would help me

*Mike changes to Vito*

*Vito changes back into Mike*

Mike: Nope!

Zoey: Hey Mike! What are you doing?

Mike: Trying to--

*Mike changes into Chester*

Chester: Trying to see if one of my personalities can help me think of a new invention!

*Chester changes back into Mike*

Zoey: Hey, if it's that big of a deal you can have yours back

Mike: No, I insist, you have it, please!

Zoey: Um, okay then

*Zoey walks off looking worried*

*Chris walks on*

Chris: Times up people!

*Scene switches to Chris, Chef and Blaineley sitting in the judges seat with large white cards sitting on the table*

Chris: Blaineley, would you be so kind to pick the first contestant to show us their invention?

Blaineley: Hmm... I see alot of new faces, I guess I'll go with Blondy!

Dawn: Who? Me?

Blaineley: Yes you! Get over here!

Dawn: Okay then

*Dawn walks over to the judges and places her invention on the table, it appears to look like a tree stump, with a hole in the middle of it and a lever poking out the side*

Chris: What's this?

Dawn: It's the Acorn Storer 3000! It stores acorns for all my squirrel friends!

Chris: Awww that's so adorable.... Six! *Chris holds up a white card saying "6" on it*

Chef: Hmmmm, I could use this invention to store my mushroom stew, 8! *Chef holds up a white card saying "8" on it*

Blaineley: Ick! Who cares about fairy tale creatures!? 3! *Blaineley holds up a white card saying "3" on it*

*Dawn picks up her invention and heads over to the contestants looking pleased*

Chris: Mike! You're up!

Mike: Ummm, I didn't really make anything!

Chris: Tsk tsk!

*Chris, Chef and Blaineley hold up 0's*

Chris: Lindsay! You're up!

Lindsay: Hi Carter! Hi Chef! Hi Waineley!

Chef: Hey, at least she got my name right!

Chris: For crying out loud!! It's Chris!

Blaineley: Waineley? WAINELEY! Who the heck did you come up with Waineley! Arrggh! This is so going to effect your score!

*Lindsay places a broken tv on the judges table*

Lindsay: Do you like it?

Chris: Lindsay, this has already been invented, and besides, it's broken!

Lindsay: Sorry Chris! What are my scores?

*Chris holds up 2, Chef holds up 4, Blaineley holds up -5*

Chris: Ouch! Adding up, you got a total of 1 point! Due to Blaineley having no soul!

Blaineley: HEY!

Chris: Chef, care to choose the next person?

Chef: Glady.... How about Staci?

*Staci runs up to the judges table excitedly with her invention*

*Staci places her invention on the table, it looks like a toaster taped to a pillow with coffee stains*

Staci: This is my "Breakfast Waker-Upper" it has a alarm clock stuffed into the pillow so when it activates you can have a nice piece of toast to wake up to...... It also comes with a free bar of soap!

Chef: That is a one million dollar right there! 10!

Chris: Hmmmm, 8!

Blaineley: 7!

*Staci's teammates cheer*

Staci: Yay! I'm useful to my team!

*Staci walks over back to her team*

Chef: Tyler! Come down over here!

*Tyler walks over to the judges table and places his invention on the table, it looks like a bag pack with useful items attached to it (such as map, compass, pencils, pens and random pieces of food)*

Tyler: I call it the "Traveling Pack"

*The judges are wowed*

Chris: 6

Chef: 7

Blaineley: 7

*Tyler's team mates cheer*

*Tyler walks back to his team*

Brick: Good work solider! Good work!

*Camera then pans to Beth with a worried face*


Beth: What does it take to get rid of one guy?! All I want is to spend some more time with Lindsay! *sigh*


*Chris checks his watch*

Chris: Hmmm, we only have this place booked for another 15 minutes, lets make this snappy!

*Scene changes to most contestants who have shown their inventions to the changes, the camera pans from the contestants to the judges who have finished judging Ezekiel's invention*

Chris: Thank you Ezekiel. Okay, the only people who are left is Heather and Sam! Heather, you're up first!

*Heather walks over to the judges, she puts her invention on the table, it looks look like a broken microwave*

Chris: Ummm, Heather, this has already been invented!

Heather: Oh come on! I'm not one of those lame nerds who build computers and stuff like that!

*Heather crosses her arms looking pleased, until the microwave door flings open*

*Chris gasps*

Chris: Congratulations Heather! You have found the second golden marshmallow of the season!

*All contestants gasp*

Heather: YEESSS!

Chris: Don't be too glad Heather, you still get no points for not completing the challenge!

*Heather has a made look on her face while she picks up her "invention" and walks back to the other contestants*

Chris: Sam! Lucky last! Come down here!

*Sam walks to judges, placing his invention on the table, it appears to be a Lava-lamp wired to a mini AC machine wired up to a old gaming console*

Sam: Heh heh! I call this the "Gamer Station 8000" The lava lamp and the AC stops the gaming console from overheating and shutting down!

Blaineley: Gag! I hate those gaming machines thingys, but I really like the design, so...... 9!

Chef: 10!

Chris: 9 and a half!

*Everyone awkwardly stares at Chris*

Chris: Whhhaaatt!!?? 9 is too mainstream! Anyways, Sam got the highest score out of everyone, so the Heroes win today's challenge!

*Heroes team cheers*

Chris: Villians, meet me back in the RV, you're voting someone out!

*Camera pans to Blaineley, her cellphone starts to ring*

Blaineley: Hello? Yes, it's Blaineley..... WHAT DO YOU MEAN I WON'T BE FLYING BACK TO NEW YORK!? What!? 2 weeks!? NOOOOOOO!!!

*Blaineley hangs up*

Blaineley: My agent said I won't be flying back for like about 2 weeks, is it okay if I hang out if you guys for a couple of days?

*Chris is thinking*

Chris: Sure, why not!

*Chef and Chris wink at each other*

*Scene changes to Villains team inside the girls RV*

Chris: If I call out your name you are safe..... for tonight and those contestants are.... Noah, Jo, Staci, Ezekiel, Ann Maria and Owen

*All contestants whose name is called out receives a marshmallow*

Chris: And the 3rd person eliminated from Total Drama Heroes vs Villains is..................... Heather!

*Heather gasps*

Heather: Wait, I have golden marshmallow which means I'm safe!

Chris: True! Eva! That means you're out!


Chris: Yes wa-

*Blaineley walks on, she is seen talking on the phone*

Blaineley: Okay then, Buh bye! Hi Chris, my lawyer says that I need a king sized bed and a hot tub and maybe even a---

Chris: There's no way you're taking MY hot tub! Sorry Blaineley but you have a ticket for cannon of losers!

Blaineley: What!?? NOOO!

*Chef picks up Blaineley*

*Chef shoves Blaineley into the Cannon of Losers*

Blaineley: I can't believe you are doing this! Get me out of here right now. I'm warning you! My lawyer will here about *Chris activates cannon* THHHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSSS!!!!

Chris: That girls crazy if she thinks she laying her hands on MY HOT TUB! Anyways, Eva, you are safe from the cannon of losers. You may join your team mates.

*Eva runs back to team mates looking happy*

Chris: See ya next time I guess.... ON TOTAL DRAMA..... HEROES VS VILLAINS!


Hope you guys enjoyed this, I will also be having a poll soon, I have thought about re-writing this, but with the full cast , what do you guys think? Comment below!
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CamillathePolishGirl Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't wait for next episode. Will be there any…romances /:)?
Princ3ssblonde Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Oops too many times XD

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Princ3ssblonde Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Cant wait until ep 4 :D

deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
DawnFan98 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
When you'll create the 4th episode?!
Perapin Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist
When I get the time, hopefully soon! :)
DawnFan98 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Listen I've been for a long time because your scripts are interesting so can pleas makee your 4th scrript sometime this week?
totaldramaheatherfan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yay, when will i be able to read it?
Perapin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist
When I get time to write it ^^'
totaldramaheatherfan Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
totaldramaheatherfan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i think you should write with the full cast, and really really really good.
Perapin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm actually planning on doing that :D
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